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the more with the more smooth teak furniture

composition of the natural texture of thousands of different ways. 4, high oil content, the more with the more smooth teak furniture surface is very delicate and smooth, is this kind of grease in the protection of the furniture glossy, make it bright and lasting. At the same time it is this layer of teak oil exudes fragrance so many insects can not close. Southeast Asia is very wet, a lot of insects, with teak furniture

can avoid a lot of trouble. Teak outside the layer of grease shiny and will not fade with time, on the contrary makes teak furniture more and more bright, water care from teak furniture is also particularly convenient. Domestic sales of teak furniture, there is a layer of plant paint, used to protect its oil, play a bright role. 5, more golden yellow teak furniture is more amazing is that its smooth surface color is

made through the oxidation of photosynthesis golden yellow, the color will be more beautiful with the extension of time. 6, the smell is refreshing, refreshing, its special fragrance in the brain system of the elderly have a good effect. 7, the growth cycle of long teak is precious, in the natural environment, from growth to become at least more than 50 years, the best origin of each mu and only 1 to 5 trees. And

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can load more than 2,000 tons of goods. According

teak furniture it The volume of the galleon in the Zheng He fleet reached 175 m long, 65 m wide, with triple teak hull and up to 16 independent waterproof confinement. Cabin, you can load more than 2,000 tons of goods. According to the material, the Chinese knew that teak was able to withstand the sun in the ocean, and that they would not shrink when exposed to wind, heat, rain or salt water.

These are the reasons why many people today are still very fond of teas when they choose a boat or a boat. As the teak wood experience such a small contraction, it makes an excellent choice for the boat doors and the cabinet. 2, teak in a variety of environments is not easy to deformation, corrosion and cracking from many teak flooring point of view, teak its micro-pinhole stable structure, so teak

solid wood flooring both strength and toughness, good stability, The floor installed after two years in the winter there will be a larger contraction, the gap of 3 to 4 mm; and summer expansion of the drum, there is a large loose sound. Teak wood flooring is very stable, the gap changes very small. 3, beautiful and beautiful texture beautiful ink lines, gorgeous shadow, the overall decoration after the

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Wood products paint the common sense

In the room decoration process, the wood products of the paint is an important part of the construction, paint the application of the overall effect of the room has an important impact. Here are a few commonly wood haven ceiling planks for sale used paint and its application method: nitro paint, including nitro varnish, nitro matte varnish, nitrocellulose paint (blending paint) and so on.

Alkyd varnish, including alkyd varnish, alkyd paint (blend paint) and so on. Nitrocellulose paint is currently widely used in the paint, painted surface texture is better. Nitrocellulose and alkyd paints can not be mixed. In the decoration, varnish and blending paint coating barricade wall panels outlet method is basically the same first in the application of the surface putty putty base, putty dry sandpaper after grinding leveling, brush the first paint (primer). The second time sandpaper polished, brush twice paint, and then sandpaper polished.

And so on, varnish applied at least 7-8 times; blending paint applied at least 4-5 times. “Varnish grinding back” is the highest requirements of the application of varnish, the price is relatively high, at least to apply more than 20 times, brush to the fifth six times after the sandpaper grinding for cotton grinding. In addition, varnish and blending paint in the overall renovation process there are some differences. The application of the varnish is done in two parts: the woodwork is closed and the primer is hit twice to prevent the dust from entering the other project from invading the grain and the rest is applied when all the items are completed. Because of decking wood treated cheap its strong coverage, the application is carried out when all the items are completed.

Good sound insulation

Good sound insulation steel doors and windows profiles for the hollow structure, the internal compartment into a number of air filled with a small chamber, with good sound insulation. Its structure is carefully installing decking on uneven ground designed, frame, fan lap tight, anti-noise performance, the sound insulation effect up to 30dB. This performance makes steel doors and windows more suitable for frequent traffic, serious noise or particularly need to quiet the environment, such as hospitals, schools and office buildings.

Good corrosion resistance of PVC material from any acid, alkali, salt, waste gas and other substances erosion, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, not rotten, not rust, not mildew and so on. Any corrosive and humid environmental conditions are applicable, which is wood best and lowest maintenance residential decks and metal doors and windows can not be compared. Because it is not eroded, easy maintenance, it can save maintenance costs. But should avoid contact with fuming sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetone, dichloroethane, toluene and other direct contact.

Good fire resistance PVC material is excellent fireproof material. Not spontaneous combustion, no combustion, from the fire can be extinguished, the use of high security. The Institute of Fire Science and Technology, the material oxygen index of 42% or more, that steel doors and windows will not be dangeroushow to make louvered privacy panels because of the fire. In foreign countries, steel doors and windows can be used for various types of buildings, fire authorities also recognized its fire resistance, recognized as a good safety building materials.

Electrical insulation of steel doors and windows of the material resistivity higher than lo15Ω • cm; is an excellent electrical insulator, the use of safety. Low thermal expansion of insect mites CPE modified PVC doors and windows materials have anti-termite characteristics. Compared with the wooden doors and windows have obvious advantages. Exquisite appearance, easy maintenance Plastic doors and windows profiles smooth and smooth surface, uniform color, no paint coloring and maintenance. If dirty, you can use a soft cloth soccer rebound walls composite dipped in water detergent scrub clean.

a plant, grown in subtropical

decoration Raiders.Oak furniture, high quality trees, the price is higher, the more clear the value of oak wood grain. Rubber wood color impure, there will be spots, black spots and other phenomena. So, what is the difference between rubber wood furniture and oak furniture, see below. 1, the difference between rubber wood furniture and oak furniture 1. price about the value of oak furniture, high quality

trees are relatively small, the price is higher. Because of its relatively distinctive mountain wood grain, oak wood grain the more clear the higher the value. While the rubber wood is no oak-specific grain. 2. Material and fineness oak has a unique sense of fine. And the commonly used table and other dark more, consumers can carefully check whether the coloring situation. There is to see whether the wood

color is pure. Oak furniture is best to choose the color type. Rubber wood color impure, there will be spots, black spots and other phenomena. If you encounter the kind of darker (such as dark red, dark, etc.) and marked as "oak furniture", consumers should pay special attention. Second, the difference between rubber and oak wood and oak because the only difference is the word, but the origin, quality,

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The characteristics of steel doors and windows

PVC doors and windows as a building structure with a variety of features, are described as follows: high strength, good impact resistance UPVC plastic profile with a special impact resistant formula and we are looking for wall cladding contractor in africa carefully designed profiles section, at a 10 ℃, 1m high, 1kg drop hammer Shock test does not break. Weatherability and anti-aging good UPVC plastic formula added modifier, light and heat stability and UV absorbers and other additives, so that steel doors and windows have a good weather resistance, anti-aging properties.

Between the various long-term use of climate conditions, subject to the sun, heavy rain, snow, dry, wet and other invasion Waterproof Floor materials and not brittle, not bad. Experiments show that rigid PVC plastic aging process is a very slow process. According to experts predict that under normal environmental conditions, steel doors and windows can be used for more than 50 years. And because the steel doors and windows profile for the hollow multi-chamber structure, the internal is divided into a number of small enclosed space, with excellent black composite fencing supplier sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Its thermal insulation performance under the same conditions, compared with steel, aluminum alloy doors and windows, the winter indoor temperature can be increased 5C ‘or so, can save about 30% of heating or cooling energy consumption, if the installation of double glass effect better. Therefore, it is the best building materials in the modern building to keep the room temperature stable and prevent heat loss. Air tightness, good watertight steel doors and windows frame, the fan between the use of lap assembly, the gap are equipped with durability of the elastic seal or choke plate to prevent air penetration, rain leakage. And in the window frame, fan the appropriate location to open plastic wood composite manufacturers usa drainage holes, can rain and condensate out of the room.

các đặc điểm

Cải thiện các đặc điểm tiếng ồn của cửa sổ và cửa ra vào Như một biện pháp cách âm cho cửa sổ, thường là một cấu trúc cửa sổ hai lớp. Bạn có thể giữ các cửa sổ hiện tại, và sau đó thêm một cửa sổ; Hoặc loại bỏ các cửa Thiết kế khuôn nhựa đùn sổ hiện có, cài đặt lại một ly theo tiêu chuẩn mới là dày, tần số cộng hưởng của họ là như nhau. Điều này sẽ làm cho âm thanh gần tần số rất nổi bật.

Trong trường hợp bình thường, khoảng cách giữa hai cửa sổ nên là 20cm-30cm. Để đạt Làm thế nào để xây dựng một băng ghế được cùng một và tường bê tông-50dB cách âm, khoảng cách tốt nhất giữa hai lớp kính trong hơn 30cm. Chẳng hạn như trong thời gian này để có một số biện pháp hấp thụ âm thanh, nó sẽ là tốt hơn. Xây dựng đúng, phòng có thể đảm bảo các đặc tính tiếng ồn-50dB.

Liên kết yếu thứ hai là cánh cửa. Âm thanh của tồi tệ nhất đối với số chung chung căn hộ và trang trí nhà đơn giản trong việc cài đặt của cửa, thô với móng gỗ dán giữa cửa và cửa không có khoảng cách nhỏ giữa các tính cách cách âm có tính đến -15dB. Đặc biệt tiếng ồn cửa nhà nói chung đến-25dB ~-35dB. Hiệu suất cao hơn, loại cửa sắt được Vật liệu sàn ngoài sàn composite sử dụng trong phòng nghe mà hiếm khi được nhìn thấy trong nhà. Hiện nay, số lượng ngày càng tăng của các cửa phòng an ninh hai tầng có tính năng cách âm tốt.

Để biến cánh cửa gỗ dán thành cửa ồn, các đặc tính tiếng ồn của cửa cần được xem xét phù hợp với đặc tính tiếng ồn của tường. Nếu các đặc tính tiếng ồn tường phòng chỉ-30dB, cài đặt của một tiếng ồn-35dB của cửa, có nguy cơ vượt quá của nghi ngờ. Hơn nữa, do các nhà sản xuất khác nhau, -30dB và -35dB của cửa, giá cả rất khác nhau. Chi phí giá cả là một Vương miện hồ vương hoàng ván sàn chủ đề rất nhạy cảm, cho dù họ cũng có thể sử dụng một số biện pháp khắc phục? Nếu đó là tay của họ để cải thiện cửa của kín, mà còn dán một số cửa hoặc một loại vật liệu bọt biển, bởi vì sự giảm tương đối của khoảng cách khung cửa, số lượng các tính năng tiếng ồn cũng có một số cải tiến.

light red, partial white, and the color is uniform

colored products, north and south spreads big. Domestic lumber-based, mainly for the furniture market. Second, the use of red oak which building materials, furniture, flooring, interior decoration, wooden lines, doors, cabinets, coffins and bucket and so on. Red oak flooring pink and multi-purpose features, highly respected. It is hard and heavy, coupled with high rupture strength and full seismic resistance,

is extremely resistant to wear and tear, and is the best floor material for residential and commercial projects. Red oak wood flooring can be refurbished and surface modified, increasing its attractiveness and durability. Red oak texture is usually vertical, rough texture, excellent performance after machining. Although the use of nails and screws fixed effect is good, but it is recommended that the first drilling.

After dyeing and polishing can create a beautiful surface. Red oak can provide longer than the average length of other oak wood. These features make red oak the ideal material for the construction of joinery products. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Conclusion: What is red oak, red oak use of what, introduced here, hope to help you. To learn more furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to focus on home

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og brukte metoder

Hjemmeinnredning interiørmaling kjøp og brukte metoder for å kjøpe maling for å være oppmerksom på hvilken lav temperatur stabilitet er ikke lett å føre til maling ved lav temperatur forringelse, lav kontrastforhold installasjon kompositt dekk avløp er lav direkte skjulekraft, og dermed øke mengden børsting innervegg maling. Profesjonelle påminner forbrukerne: Ved kjøp av innvendig maling. Du kan åpne lokkobservasjonen, kvalifisert innvendig veggmaling bør være delikat, enhetlig tilstand, det bør ikke være sedimentering, agglomerering, vann, mugg, stinkende og andre fenomener

I det minste skal følgende punkter merkes, for eksempel designer gjenvunnet tre kledning produkttype, spesifikasjonsgrad, navn, lotnummer, standardnummer, vekt, produsent og produksjonsdato. Den effektive lagringsperioden for interiør latexmaling er vanligvis 1 år. Når kjøpet kan åpne lokket for å observere, bør latexmaling være delikat, ensartet tilstand, det skal ikke være oppgjør, agglomerering, vann, mold, stinkende og så videre. Maling og maling børste hvordan du lagrer maling ferdige møbler

resterende lakk, harmonisk maling hvis ikke brukt på kort sikt, kan males i en flaske. Bruk den beste flasken vin, flasken kan også være.Kryss av lokket, flasken billigste non slip terrassebord styrene plassert omvendt (det vil si flaske ned), en dag eller to, så blir flasken plassert i mørket. På samme måte som denne langsiktige lagringen, vil malingen ikke oppstå hard hud og størkning. Maling ferdige møbler, om en eller to dager, men også maling igjen, børsten ikke trenger å rengjøre med bensin. Finn en tom flaske, sett penselen direkte inn i flasken, som fylles med vann (diesel eller petroleum bedre), slik at alt vannet hul kompositt gulv terrassebord leverandører nedsenket børstehodet. Gjenbruk, børsten på vannet kan være net.plastic privatlivspaneler leverandørverden.

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Softwood decking, Hardwood timber decking or composite… . Decking Interviews How Much Does Decking Cost The cost of all types of decking . with Ebty or IpeClip plastic clips provide an almost .decking as fade resistant. Since the testing is a vague thing, once it gets into the real . More How Much Does a Deck Cost | Deck Cost . houston, texas Next: furniture grade plastic composite Related Posts: how much does wpc decking cost disposal wood composite in malaysia .Timber Decking how much is outdoor timber decking in singapore. How much does it cost per m for decking Singapore… How much does it cost . install decking ideas for rooftop deck recycled plastic products south africa floor installation backyard how much does composite fence cost . Learn more about the cost of decking materials, sealing and . How Much Does it Cost to Build an Addition? How Much Does it Cost to Install Countertops? How Much Does it Cost to Install Windows? How Much . obstructions like trees, plastic woods, etc. that may hinder the fencing or affect costs. How Much Does a Fence Build Cost ? Fence Get Fence .acacia wpc composite consumption statistics in the world
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as this one: How much does trex decking cost ?How much does it cost to install trex decking ?How much does a foot piece of . American Plastic Lumber Decking and . American Plastic . How Much Does an Above Ground Pool Deck Cost ? | How Much Does . the plastic in wood composites or PVC decking . In . Decking deck. How much does Alternative Decking cost ? Alternative Decking products cost .Composite decking companies pay a ton of money to convince an. composite decking is pretty much going . Why does composite decking have . plastic becomes weakened. Think about it. How can composite decking . fence panels discount how to clean simulated wood decking how much does a deck cost per square How to Stain Composite Decking edging flower . All of these decking materials have pros and cons, from how they feel on bare feet including how hot they get, to how much dirt shows on . Is it really all that it’s cracked up to be . Decking . How does it compare to cedar cost . landfill and ask them how much of it ever leaves . the other plastic decking out there, it .patio sets for composite decking
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