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How to use natural stone just right

At present the building materials market mainly granite, marble, slate. Among them, granite, marble use the largest. Granite is magma and silicate minerals mainly metamorphic rock mining, processing out of the finishes stone. It is characterized by hardness, wear, acid and alkali corrosion, small changes in pattern, can fight strong, less water. Marble is made of various types of specification of natural fiber used in wpc carbonate or magnesia carbonate. Its texture is soft, pure color, individual with a pattern, full of decorative, better water absorption.

Know these features, the consumer according to their own preferences, in accordance with the use of the room and furniture, electrical appliances and other factors, to choose a reasonable texture, color, specifications of the stone. In general, the drawbacks pvc wall panels ground decoration, the living room, dining room, the kitchen is more appropriate granite, the color to be deeper, you can choose large flowers green, Monte Carlo, Indian red flowers, large white or Cenxi red, Juice, tea, drinks, fruit juice and other dyeing.

The bathroom, the study is more suitable for the election of marble, the color is lighter, usually in white, pink marble decoration kitchen and bathroom walls, giving a clean, bright and simple sense. With a few colors and parquet, decoration study or living room, to the owner with a warm feeling, to the guests feel at home. Bedroom, marble or granite can be both, depends on the consumer’s hobby. Table decoration, such as windowsill, wash baskets, stove, coffee table, etc., in addition to the kitchen with the table, the best use of granite surface, the other is appropriate to use marble countertops, can use bright color, Large white, large swimming pool wood plastic stair trim green leaves, rosin jade and other varieties.

only pay more attention to simple

and fancy decoration will be eliminated. Whether it is decoration or furniture, are people-oriented concept as the design of the guiding ideology. In contemporary society, with the people’s awareness of environmental protection, environmental design and environmental protection materials produced by the furniture will be more and more. In the future of home

decoration, with environmental protection features of the lighting will be more and more use. Intelligent is also the focus of the future development of home decoration. Home furnishings, doors and windows, lighting appliances, electrical appliances, kitchen and toilet appliances, etc., will be based on different users at different times the different needs of the

corresponding, intelligent configuration to meet the needs of modern life. Trend 4: transition from single light source to multi-light source At present, the domestic interior lighting design, has only focused on the transition from single light source to the pursuit of multi-light source effect. This change suggests that designers have realized the impact of good and healthy

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the table and chair surface

Tables and chairs can not lift the surface, easy to fall off, should be from both sides of the table and chair surface lift, the cabinet is best to remove the door and then lift, you can reduce the weight, but also to avoid the door activities. If you want to move special heavy furniture, you can use soft rope into the furniture under the chassis and then move. Furniture surface to fireproof deck pads avoid long placed too heavy items, especially television, fish tank, etc., will make furniture deformation. Do not shop on the desktop plastic woven like airtight material.

Room such as floor uneven, a long time will lead to furniture deformation, to avoid the way is to use a small piece of wood pad flat. Absolutely no wet wipes or rough wipes wipe hardwood furniture, especially old furniture. With a clean and replace wood fence with vinyl weak cotton cloth, after a period of time to add a little furniture wax or walnut oil, gently rubbed back and forth along the grain.

Furniture surface should be avoided with hard objects to avoid damage to the surface of the paint and wood surface texture, such as placing porcelain bronze and other decorative items to be particularly careful, it is best pad a soft cloth. To avoid the furniture on the south facing the large glass window, the sun long-term direct exposure will make the furniture is too dry, will fade. Hot water cups can not be placed directly on the surface of garages with roof top decks the furniture, leaving the traces of not easy to remove. There are color liquid, such as ink, etc. to be absolutely avoided on the table.

Furniture custom network information become a big trend

In the context of the structural reform of the supply side, how to transform the furniture manufacturing industry to meet the consumer demand? Customized furniture can be said to provide a new possibility. From the national point of view, the last five years,due north director chair with side table custom home annual growth rate of more than 25%, some companies even more than 50% growth rate, almost every year listed companies.

Among them, the number of customized enterprises in Sichuan is 50% annual rate of growth. In Chengdu, for example, the number of customized enterprises has grown from more than 20 years ago to more than 400 at present. In Sichuan Province, building materials,camping chairs director style furniture decoration Chamber of Commerce President Yang Wensong view, “custom” in the share of the furniture sector is growing, “custom home” or will become the next growth point of 100 billion home industry.

There is no doubt that, compared with the finished furniture, custom furniture to consumers with more personalized layout, space and efficient sense of experience, but also to consumers fully appreciate the “home culture” fun. “At present the furniture industry presents some new trends, ‘custom’ is one of them.” Zhu Changling said that in addition to customization to meet the individual needs,square diy desk painting but also to a certain extent, to solve the price problem. “For example, only 3 million budget, but selected a set of 36,000 furniture program, you can ‘custom’ details of the adjustment, and ultimately meet the demand.

Hardwood furniture

Hardwood furniture, including hardwood furniture, including pear, red sandalwood, mahogany, chicken wings, pear, etc., if the use of reasonable protection, in principle, can be used on behalf of generations cheap garden decking kits of long-term use, maintenance methods are: hardwood furniture, there are two kinds of traditional hardwood furniture General surface no paint, just hot wax.

Now the new production of hardwood furniture surface with a large paint or varnish protection. Different processing of hardwood furniture maintenance methods are different. Hardwood with water, air humidity is too low when the hardwood furniture will shrink, too high will swell. General hardwood furniture production there is a shrinkage layer, but should be used when placed, do not put too wet or too dry place, such as heating near wood plastic porch floor the high temperature and high heat, or too wet basement and other places, so as to avoid mildew And dry and so on.

If it is low in the lower house of the house, the ground should be appropriate to the furniture legs padded properly, otherwise the legs vulnerable to moisture corrosion. Move or move the furniture should be lightly moved, can not pull hard pull, so as not to damage the tenon structure. Tables and chairs can not lift the surface, easy to fall off, should be from both sides of the table and chair surface lift, the cabinet is best to remove the door replacement cedar boards for outdoor bench and then lift, you can reduce the weight, but also to avoid the door activities.

service followed the product

the long-sheng floor in the country’s 138 large and medium-sized cities to establish more than 300 brand stores,[url=]composite deck pavement design[/url] a total of more than 5,000 professional training system through the installation of technical staff, at any time to provide customers with professional and timely after-sales service. But only to do these is not enough, in the long Sheng floor view, pavement needs not only professional technology and thoughtful service, professional vision is equally important. Jusheng “original ecology” style of the essence of the floor is “natural”, realistic texture, rich texture, bright colors, authentic, each floor has a unique personality.the offer for sale of large-scale wall plate Therefore, the pavement requires not only professional technical ability,

but also have a unique artistic vision, in order to “personality” in the pavement combination fully demonstrated, but also with the overall home style integration. With the continuous improvement of consumer demand,interlocking gardening wall solid wood flooring brand service connotation also will expand. Jusheng floor pavement service followed the product style of innovation, focus on the overall improvement of the pavement effect, therefore, in the installation of personnel training highlights the art of color and other aesthetic content, emphasizing the color of each floor and texture with ,[url=]outdoor wood flooring balcony sri lanka[/url] Both personality style, but also make the overall pavement effect harmonious blend. Jusheng brand not only do solid wood flooring manufacturing experts, but also to do modern life research experts,

and strive to be the most attentive service to the vast number of consumers, allowing you to easily renovate, live in peace, and strive to enhance the modern family The quality of life and constant innovation.March 9, [url=]composite skateboard truck[/url] Huzhou City, held the city’s science and technology conference, long Sheng Flooring Co., Ltd. technical director of the direction of being “Huzhou outstanding inventor” award at the meeting was commended. According to the “Huzhou City, the outstanding inventor selection of the Interim Measures,” the relevant provisions of the Huzhou City Science and Technology Bureau,cheap wpc courtyard terrace Huzhou City Personnel Bureau and the Huzhou City Intellectual Property Office organized assessment, the city’s enterprises and institutions in the selection of nine comrades for Huzhou outstanding invention people.

Bathroom home custom new outlet

Mahogany furniture market as a whole cold, poor sales of inventory increased; the other hand, material prices, production and operating costs. Double pressure, the business to the inventory pressure is not small. Minfu Church mahogany culture and art museum He Guangmiao said: “Now mahogany furniture market deserted,Kerusi plastik dengan kupon roda sales do not go up, ferocious raw materials rally, furniture manufacturers can not easily raise prices, the whole industry atrophy.” Friends of the whole house Xia Yong believes that nowadays in the industry adjustment period of the mahogany furniture market, in the furniture products and raw materials have been formed in the case of upside down,Lipat meja mudah alih dengan roda will lead to industry reshuffle in depth. This reshuffle, quietly in Quanzhou market.

Reporters visited the city several quite booming mahogany furniture city, found before a lot of small trucks line up and other living entrances and exports, become deserted; and even some mahogany furniture city almost see customers out of the door. “We are currently in the suburbs there is a shop,Menjual kerusi lounge pantai yang bergaris-garis it now appears that the second half may have to shrink, and later specialized on the factory shop and custom, store burden is too heavy.” A mahogany furniture business revealed that this year, Xianyou A number of factories to reduce the scale, and even some people directly out of the mahogany industry.

Some people are busy evacuation, of course, some people against the current. Quanzhou mahogany furniture business Mr. Zhou now took the opportunity to hoard goods. In his view,Adat karat meja makan yang dibuat this round of red wood prices rose mainly due to the source of the flow, mahogany material available resources are increasingly scarce. So he firmly believes that: “In the long run, incorporated into the trade control of mahogany raw materials will only become scarce resources, the future appreciation of space can be expected.

LED car lights and ordinary lights difference

As a semiconductor luminescent material, with its durable, efficient, high brightness, energy saving, environmental protection, heat fast advantage, at home and abroad occupies a large market, but LED car lights development, opened up a broader world. LED car lights and conventional car lights is different, high-power LED car light source using low-voltage DC power supply, from GaN-based power-type blue LED and yellow phosphor synthesis of high efficiency white light diode, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, life Long, fast response, high color rendering index and other unique advantages, can be widely used in automotive lighting LED car lights have the following advantages:

1, completely subvert the traditional lights of the color and style of a single concept to change the color and style to decorate your car, LED lights faster response, no delay, higher security, more bright. The traditional lights are converted into heat energy to stimulate energy into the energy, in the energy conversion process wasted a lot of energy, LED then the energy into light energy, the basic loss of energy, oil prices in today’s, LED car Light is a good choice, good lights, do in the lantern! 2, no bad glare, no flicker, eliminating the common car lights caused by poor glare dazzling, visual fatigue and line of sight interference, improve driving safety 3, radiator and lamp shell integrated design, LED directly with the aluminum plate close Phase connection, the use of high thermal conductivity of silicone grease so that the aluminum plate and the shell closely connected through the shell cooling air and air convection cooling, fully guarantee the LED car lamp life oEdRo H4 LED Headlight S1 Series

4, the use of monomer reflective material or lens, the LED will be targeted to control the light within the required range, improve the uniformity of the light effect of light and light energy utilization 5, the power to modular flexible combination, applicable In the absence of different types of vehicles in the region 6, a single LED to occupy a certain cooling area, the radiator temperature uniformity, high thermal conductivity, light fades, to ensure that the LED car lamp life 7, can automatically dim, can be achieved in different Time lighting requirements, the maximum possible reduction in power, save energy 8, can increase the corresponding components on the aluminum substrate, greatly reduce the probability of reliability problems, a quality problem will not affect the normal work of other LED 9, LED light High efficiency, light effect can reach 110LM / W

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How to judge the furniture containing formaldehyde?

When you buy furniture, you can first close to the furniture drawers and wardrobes and other parts, sniffing with the nose to see if there is irritating smell, whether strong, if you feel a strong pungent taste, and accompanied by tears, throat Itching, cough and other discomfort, then, it is not appropriate to buy such furniture. Second, the furniture factory should be how much does a porch with a roof cost provided to provide proof of qualified raw materials to see if the procurement of materials manufacturers qualified, from the source of furniture materials on the good off. In addition, it should be carefully checked whether the edge of the edge of wood-based panel furniture edge, because the man-made board side of the most abundant distribution of formaldehyde, according to furniture standards, wood furniture, furniture edge must be edge treatment, if the furniture is irritating odor

Then the furniture should be placed in a better ventilation room, open all the ideas for recycled fences drawers and cabinet doors, so that furniture in the free formaldehyde as soon as possible out. During this period, it is recommended that the room clearance for a period of time, so as to avoid inhalation of free formaldehyde caused by discomfort. If the air still feel the heavier after the air, it is likely that the furniture of formaldehyde emission exceeded, it is recommended that consumers apply to the relevant quality inspection departments for testing.

Consumers in the purchase of paint furniture, especially children’s furniture, children’s furniture for the harmful substances in the film – soluble lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury hazards should be given sufficient attention. Furniture spray paint should be consistent with the limited requirements of harmful substances in wood coatings, consumers should purchase regular quality assurance products to ensure that the stair and front railing railings soluble heavy metal content of the film meet the standard requirements. In use, it is best not to food, especially acidic food directly on the desktop, so as not to ingest these soluble heavy metals.

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