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aggravating, especially against

other hand, is not qualified.Sometimes we will find that the floor of the arch since local: if it is real wood floor, that is because the shop is too tight or too dry floor (moisture content is too low);If it is compound floor, that is, the floor quality is poor.So the arch since the floor is a serious quality problem.4, the line that play a base of acceptance: the line that play a base and frame clearance 2 mm or

less;The line that play a base flat-fell seam spacing between 1 mm or less;The clearance between the floor surface and play crural line should be within 3 mm to 5 mm;The line that play a base port of height difference should be 1 mm or less.Article 5, the latch acceptance: door button just below should be installed in the door, shut the door after it is advisable to leave no edge, both inside and outside to buckle

and the bottom of the door gap between 3 mm to 7 mm, the door can open and close freely.Buckle installation is strong and stable, can be kicked the buckle in the middle of the site, check on both sides of the buckle or loose cock, have the same ring.6, final acceptance of the floor surface have decayed eye, cracks, scratches.Common is due to the keel without processing, there is a moth.Found such as eye

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Installation of automotive special LED daytime lamp method

1. Prepare a flattened screwdriver, a wrench.Bar Trucks, Pipe Mover Truck, Tube Lumber Storage Carts

2. With a flat-blade screwdriver gently into the original car fog lamp cover of the gap, the original car fog lamp cover to remove the original car fog lamp cover.

3. The car dedicated day line lamp controller, power cord through the original car fog lamp cover the location of the macro and put away.

4. The daylight lights into the original car fog shade position of the bayonet.LED Lighting Light Bars, Mounts, Accessories, Gear

5. Open the car front cover, the controller installed in the low temperature can be, after the controller has four lines, the red line then ACC, black line connected to the battery negative, yellow line positive, white line light, white line The role is to open the headlamps when the daytime running lights will go out, if the white line, daytime running lights will be lit in the car when the start, see personal hobbies that is the white line.

6. Start the car, the day line lights themselves, the installation is successful.LED light bars

if place oneself in forests

gorgeous colorful, very elegant fashion taste, visual effect is very good, the sensory feeling strong, wooden floor does not look drab, color is warm color to move, especially when the body tired, can make physical and mental pleasure, is the material of choice for high-end income families.7, durable most varieties of real wood floor, material qualitative hard, strong corrosion resistance decay resistance, normal

use, but for decades or even hundreds of years of life.Shortcomings of real wood floor 1, difficult maintenance of real wood floor of the shop is the demand is higher, once the shop is not good, will cause a series of problems, such as a sound, etc.If indoor environment too wet or dry, real wood floor is easy to remove arch, or warping deformation.Shop is good and wax regularly, after oiling, otherwise floor

surface gloss disappear soon.2, high price of real wood floor has been maintained at a high price, the price is in 200 yuan/square meters, tight budget families have to weigh.3, poor stability if too wet or dry indoor environment, real wood floor is easy to remove arch, or warping deformation.4, low ratio of the market competitiveness of real wood floor is inferior to several other kinds of wooden floor, especially

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Cozy two-bedroom apartment with bright

freedom of the wind 1. The three-masted sailboat Brenta 80DC people fascinated by its aluminum alloy ultra-light hull, without sacrificing beauty and passenger comfort under the premise of the tip from the mast to The layout of the lounge is free of any extra design. The dream of living on the sea like the wind as free 2. Who can forget the "perfume" Ge Lu B to Orleans on the road? He left the water in Paris, behind every step of the way out of Paris, the more the air around the more clear, the more pure, the more clean, he did not rely

on the compass forward, only the nose of the compass, guide him around all the city , The town and the village now resorted to holiday, I am afraid no one will think of the Paris Tower, the goddess of freedom, the brain appears only infinite beauty, more importantly, is fresh air. So well, in fact, we just want to avoid the crowd, away from the holy places of sweeping sweat. It is no wonder that the autumn winery, summer yachts such solitary solitude but glamorous resort way, become the glitz of the world’s choice. In the midsummer

night, looking at the Milky Way to sleep, wake up in the cloudless sunny sky so magnificent imagination, oh no, not imagined, had the helm of the Hanse shipyard 40 years yacht tycoon Michael Schmidt has always been so play. Under his golden finger, thousands of rugged yachts were born on the Baltic coast, and the latest Brenta 80DC, 23.99 meters long, with its sharp lines on the waves at full speed, Schmidt named the new war Cool Breeze. This year in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean sailing Cool Breeze, like Jin Yong

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Brand furniture dazzling array of furniture trends in 2008

In 2004, when the old Chinese New Year, the China Furniture Association and Jia Qingwen my happy event again and again: the fourth session of the China Furniture Association members of the General Assembly, held in Beijing Great Hall of the people; China Furniture Association moved to the new site: Beijing Chaoyang District 100 sub-Bay Park 5 Building – post-modern city; the beginning of the new year, and then began to develop the eleventh five-year plan; Jia Qingwen re-election, was elected as a new chairman. In the face of the past, present and future of Chinese furniture,lightweight aluminum folding camp chairs Jia Qingwen, chairman of the “view of the sea listening to Tao”, ready to continue to promote the Chinese furniture industry, when the wave of voyage, Jia Qingwen a macro perspective, frankly talk about the furniture industry 10 years ago The results of the problem and the development trend of the last 10 years.beach portable chair

The general direction of the work we are the country’s policy and the reality of China’s furniture as a subject to study, the next 5 years to 10 years so that a longer period of time, China Furniture Association established the guiding ideology is: “close with the actual furniture industry, Comprehensively implement the 16th and 16th three, four plenary session of the spirit, grasp the concept of scientific development, adhere to a Chinese furniture market,portable bed table desk price effective new road to industrialization: to improve scientific and technological content, to promote the original design, give full play to the use of Low consumption of resources, low environmental pollution and human resources advantages, and comprehensively enhance the overall level of China’s furniture industry to maintain the industry healthy, coordinated and sustainable development, change the industry growth model, from the expansion of quality to quality improvement “- this is the Chinese furniture The association develops the eleventh five-year plan and the purpose of the long-term plan for the period from 2005 to 2020.

This purpose, in the history of China’s furniture industry will have an important and decisive significance. Since then, change the industry growth model,outdoor garden leisure chair from the amount of expansion to the quality of the improvement is the future for a long period of time the furniture industry will face and complete the arduous task.

according to your economic

during the installation process is controlled by the workers themselves, need not too dense, guarantee the solid line.And the plastic wood floor installation is the same as the front, does not need to do more to explain.Plastic floor of wood of choose and buy the point 1, according to your economic conditions to choose plastic wood floor.The plastic wood floor on the market price, the current domestic floor with

species, tree species and specifications, the brand is different, each has its own characteristics, so the price difference is bigger.In general, the economic conditions good consumers, choose real wood floor more.2, according to the use function of your choice.If you need heating of the heat in the northern region, your first choice should be multilayer solid mu fu joins a floor board, the second is to choose

aggrandizement floor, three is to choose the bamboo floor, had better not choose real wood floor.You if it is used in public places, the office, your first choice should be reinforced plastic wood floor, the second is three is bamboo flooring multilayer solid mu fu joins a floor board, four is real wood floor.The adornment of 3, according to your design to choose.All have their own advantages and disadvantages

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Furniture material identification small knowledge

Rosewood: wood stability, not crack is not Alice, easy carved, weight, color depth. For the most expensive wood. Yellow pear: wood stability, not crack is not Alice. Color and moist,beach portable chair texture clear. To “ghost face pattern” for the best, is second only to the valuable wood of red sandalwood Chicken wings: texture like feather wings,6 foot adjustable height folding table black and white. Wood light, is a kind of hardwood in the light. Chicken wings have new and old points, the old color dark brown, fine texture. New weight, color black, usually the Republic of China and products in recent decades.

Iron wood: texture rough, hard, gray color black. Made the furniture more rough. Mahogany: color, weight between the red sandalwood and pear,garden rattan couch set manufacturers mahogany furniture production is large, is a hardwood furniture. Compared with the red sandalwood pear, mahogany wood instability, heat, case dry, easy to deformation.

Beech: weight, wood hard, clear wood, slightly pear effect, easy to deformation. Suzhou and other places for the production of furniture commonly used wood. Elm: body light,8 seat picnic table dealers coarse texture, color lighter than beech, take the small, commonly used in the north of the wood furniture.

How to judge a mattress is good or bad

The company’s own growth factors and changes in the industry environment will enable enterprises to enter the transformation and upgrading of the closed loop, and now product homogeneity,outdoor furniture garden rattan leisure chair the market disorder to accelerate the competition, no doubt forcing more enterprises to set the market with four trillion profit margins Home improvement industry. Only large enterprises in the search for transformation, especially cross-border foraging,beach portable chair always “thunder and little rain”, it is difficult to highlight the results.

In accordance with the traditional manufacturing products to the life cycle to divide, any product will experience the bud, growth, maturity, recession four stages. In general, a product has three to five years of life, and then began to decline, if the enterprise simply rely on a product survival,camping chair table set price is bound to only “brilliant” three or five years, and the market is constantly changing Development, any change can cause an uproar, the moment the furniture industry is facing overcapacity, disorder, homogeneous competition to accelerate, from the process of transformation, the enterprise has entered the post-transition period.

And the development of the market will go through three stages, the demand for oversupply, the market does not exist saturated one that the production of what out of what is common sense, the current furniture industry has gone through this link; supply and demand balance, the market can be said to be Half good enough to do half of the business, business intentions still do the wind and water, the heart of the enterprise may have to have a few years before the big time to make a one-time spit out; oversupply, excess capacity,lounge chair with wheels Homogenization of the proliferation of the market in the Red Sea, the competition is fierce, the test is the enterprise’s precipitation and core competitiveness.

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