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Black bugs on wooden floor

Eligible wooden floor does not normally bred worms, and what about the wood floor exactly why insect, how should solve?

One, the general floor of wood of insect is the cause of the seam of wooden floor is larger, dirt leakage down easy breeding ground for insects, so should pay attention to in the wood floor clean.In addition, in the shop floor, in addition to the necessary expansion amount reserved, not big gap as far as possible, and sprinkle some activated carbon under the wood floor, to absorb water.

Second, many people only pay attention to the quality of wooden floor itself when the shop installs wooden floor board, often ignore the quality of wooden keel, if wooden keel moisture content is too high, or lumber itself doesn’t do pest control treatment, can also lead to the floor of wood of insect.

If the wooden floor has found insect damage phenomenon, if it is a small area of the insect damage, can use the syringe to crack injection of kerosene, but this method will have the residual scent of kerosene;If it is a large area, in a timely manner to the best professional sellers to seek the solution of wood floor, wood floor enterprise will be a professional personnel door-to-door deinsectization.


In this case, Cavity mold is mainly used for three-dimensional shape of the workpiece shape, so in the length, width and height of the three directions are size requirements, complex shape, making more difficult. Such as cold extrusion die, die casting mold, powder metallurgy mold, plastic mold, rubber mold are all cavity mold, cavity mold with best deals deck tiles melbourne profiling milling machine processing, EDM and electrolytic processing.

Combining profiling milling and numerical control, and adding three-direction translating head in EDM can improve the machining quality of cavity. In this case, Computer numerical control composit yard chairsmulti-axis milling machine, coordinate grinding and machining center machine tools, is an important equipment cavity processing.

Grinding and polishing the surface of the cavity generally use electric or pneumatic tools, together with a variety of grinding, polishing wheel and grinding paste powder, or the use of ultrasonic grinding, extrusion honing, chemical polishing and other methods. Coordinate measuring machine and Best Outdoor Decking Export optical projection comparator is commonly used in precision mold manufacturing measurement equipment.

of the water to do more carefully

shower room, glass basin and other blew wounding event, which is mainly related to the quality of the glass used has a great relationship. Good tempered glass is generally difficult to break, and broken when it will not hurt. Therefore, in order to safe use, we do not greedy moment of cheap, try to choose high-quality, good reputation brand. Tempered glass can not be saved 8, commonly used objects can not save the floor drain, the dome is commonly used in the bathroom but not the object of attention. Their

quality is good or bad also directly affects everyone’s normal life. To drain the poor selection is easy to lead to poor drainage or water back to the taste of children, ordinary lights do not light after damp, so the dome must do moisture treatment. Common objects can not save a lot of money to buy a house, decoration is bottomless pit. The province to save the place, the flower of the place must spend. Bathroom budget covers almost a building materials, equipment, soft equipment, labor and other costs, so the

calculation is more complex. Some poor decorating company will do a lot of tricky bathroom budget, so get the budget even after careful check to do.Decoration materials prices (offer), including restaurant decoration materials, cement decoration materials, living room decoration materials, master bedroom decoration materials, two bedroom decoration materials and kitchen, aisle and bathroom decoration materials prices. In addition, Xiao Bian will also give you a home decoration in the three decoration process:

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bamboo flooring

Understanding the characteristics of bamboo flooring in the North also seems to have been applied to people seem to have been easy to crack, easy deformation, not solid and other characteristics of bamboo flooring is synonymous is composite deck tiles worth the money with bamboo flooring in the north market. However, the real situation is what? To bamboo floor is a fair, we invited the vice president of China Timber Circulation Association, Mr. Gao Zhihua, asked him to bamboo flooring characteristics.

consumer awareness of the errors and other aspects of the details, so that consumers in the future purchase Bamboo flooring is no longer in the process of ambiguity, no longer do not understand and abandon the “bamboo.” Bamboo flooring has seven characteristics Compared with solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring automotive wood plastic both color and luster, beautiful, flexible, moisture-proof, its hardness than solid wood flooring strong, but also keep the bamboo Dongnuanxialiang special {TodayHot} sex.

In addition, the bamboo flooring also has the following characteristics: Color Veranda Decking Price,Veranda Decking Exporters,Outdoor Decking Wholesale small bamboo growth radius smaller than wood, affected by the sunshine is not serious, there is no obvious difference between yin and yang, which is smaller than the wooden floor color. Bamboo bamboo flooring made from fresh bamboo is rich, uniform color.

be small, but must have experience

will feel that the decision was too value. (2) to consider the layout of the room, your house layout and function can not always be the same, with the needs of life after the big change to the bedroom study, small furniture to move the location is very likely, so my suggestion is Does not affect the overall appearance of the case, each side of the wall to stay at least one socket (for example, a wall of a door, which is not a continuous wall, to stay on both sides of the socket is better) (3) water and electricity materials, said a

few experience at the end of the box must use good, with water and electricity on their own money for money, or even bought their own do not have it, it is easy to overlook a detail. Wires, pipes do not have to deliberately upgrade, because the hydropower company Ye Hao decoration company Ye Hao, including the developer of the original material, with a certain level of compliance is more than the product. But the kitchen, bathroom and more if the high-power electrical appliances, consider the corresponding

way under the wire bold. Network cable to replace the developer to send the line, all replaced by six types of network cable, please see the reasons I said above principles. 3, the kitchen to the next effort to design Not only the layout, structure, cabinets and space utilization, water design, water treatment design is to be prepared in advance, the ideal situation is the cabinet program, water treatment (water purifier , Water softener) in the water before the transformation to determine, and the tripartite (cabinets, water

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Pallet Jack Used

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solid wood flooring

The selection of floor tiles solid wood flooring Solid wood flooring is wood by drying, after processing to form the surface decoration materials. It has the natural pattern, comfortable feet, the use of 2ft tall garden fence security features, is the bedroom, living room, study and other ground decoration ideal material.

Solid wood decorative style back to nature, natural texture, decreased in the forest coverage, and vigorously promote environmental protection today, solid wood flooring is even more valuable. The new national standard on the old GB made important changes and additions. Mainly to modify some of the Perfect Patio Deck Sale size and defect content, to add the appropriate specification of the tree species and the requirements of the paint board. While eliminating the impact toughness of wood hardness and abrasion resistance requirements.

Past the market once the name of the name of chaos standard, strange name, as well as fake mixed during which what gold shaddock, gold does not change, rich wood, so that customers really Veranda Decking Price,Veranda Decking Exporters,Outdoor Decking Wholesale hard to distinguish, good or bad. So the new standard requirements must be strictly nominal, and in Appendix form. Sales should be issued by the authority of the test report shall prevail.

promotional activities

proper planning of promotional activities can arouse consumer interest composite tongue and grove floor cost per linear footWe all know that stone sales links, is indispensable to planning activities. Which is one of the special promotions, low-cost promotions to have four conditions: First, to ground gas, to attract consumers

Second, let consumers feel after buying it; three for a long time decoration front house for homesnot to move the goods; Is used to make special goods to ensure that the quality is not to be complaints. The main role of activities, it is necessary to attract consumers to gather popularity.

but also able to crack down on competitors. Therefore, since the key is to attract consumers to promote consumer popularity, then the price of goods must make people feel really affordable, so that consumers Veranda Decking Price,Veranda Decking Exporters,Outdoor Decking Wholesalethink there is a great deal of cheap, otherwise there is no temptation. This targeted special product strategy, not only to attract popularity, a strong blow to the competitors, but also bring other products, joint sales.

Causes of Deformation of Solid Wood Flooring

Generally speaking, there are more phenomena in the use of the floor tile or arch, this is because the floor caused by moisture, the floor damp generally due to the following: moisture in the air (for example, Huangmei days). Floor did not dry, reinforced with cement keel. Keel, hairy floor too wet. Use water-based glue. On the first floor and other humid Pressure Treated Tongue and Grooved Pine Flooring Qatar environment without special moisture treatment.

Stone floor and floor at the junction of the cross-section is not closed treatment. Blisters (such as water pipe rupture, balcony water intrusion, etc.). In addition, the product itself and improper composite decking products pricing construction can also cause arching. Such as improper drying, lack of health, water content is too low, the back groove is too shallow, the expansion of the gap in the construction did not stay enough, laying too tight and so on.

Solid wood flooring laying and maintenance points Floors shall be laid at the end of construction and shall not be crossed. After the laying should be polished and painted as soon as possible. So as not to stain the floor or to damp deformation. Laying the floor before the unpacking piled in the laying of the site 1 to 2 days, to adapt to the environment, so as not to appear after Veranda Decking Price,Veranda Decking Exporters,Outdoor Decking Wholesale
the laying of shrinkage deformation. Laying should be good moisture-proof measures, especially in the bottom of the more humid occasions.

industry technology leader

knowledge and composite floor top ten well-known brands , The following for your reference! First, the advantages and disadvantages of composite flooring 1, the advantages of wear: about 10 to 30 times more than ordinary paint decorated floor. Beautiful: available computer simulation of a variety of grain and patterns, colors. Stability: completely broken up the original organization of the wood, undermine the anisotropy and wet expansion shrinkage characteristics, size is extremely stable, especially for the

floor heating system room. In addition, there are anti-shock, anti-static, pollution-resistant, light-resistant, resistant to cigarette burning, easy installation and maintenance simple. 2, shortcomings blisters can not be repaired after damage, foot feeling worse. In particular, to point out that in the past there have been dealers that laminate flooring is waterproof floor, which is only for the surface, in fact, the only compound to strengthen the floor to avoid the use of blisters. Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring is

currently responsible for the laying of all suppliers. Second, the composite floor of the top ten brands Sanxiang Kangshu (China Famous Brand, China Top Brand, the top ten brands of solid wood flooring, the top 500 Chinese brands, Shanghai Shengxiang Group) 2 .. Home (parquet top ten brands , The Chinese environmental labeling certification, the new home of wood products (Zhongshan)) 3. North American Maple (parquet top ten brands, China BrandName, Canadian brand, a brand, Sino-Forest

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